Executive Summary

"Building a new ship" - Creating or overhauling an existing PMO may seem like a simple executive direction, but with many nuances in adoption as well as complexities in initial setup, it's crucial to have the right captain at the helm to construct and navigate this new ship.

Vision Setting

The first question to ask before making any key decisions around a new project management organization is "How do we want to succeed in the future?". Understanding leadership expectations as well as past delivery challenges hindering enterprise productivity will help inform the primary focus of introducing or overhauling your delivery system.

Speeding up product visibility by introducing Agile development, increasing team output consistency by implementing JIRA, evolving product ideation by establishing rapid prototyping practices and instituting forecasting reports for executive leadership are just a few of the many situations Jeff has assessed and helped organizations master in the past.

Cross-functional adoption

While there is a strong inclination to cascade a directive around a new product execution model down the corporate chain, it's a recipe for failure. Influencing the collaboration between departments to enhance and revise their processes to meet a new reality will demonstrate strong partnership and inspire your teams to invest their valuable time.

Assessing existing processes, incorporating multiple departments' specialties into holistic planning and execution models, influencing executive leadership to understand the long-term value of Agile delivery, and training across function to buy into technology best practices are just a few ways Jeff has helped organizations adopt new nimble approaches.

Quick victory iterations

Though putting a comprehensive new approach in place can take time, it is still very important to iteratively capture low-hanging fruit and take small, calculated gambles to achieve quick victories demonstrating continual value. Accomplishing this with sprints even as team standards are being formalized helps build momentum for future success.

Matching staff availability to easy stakeholder wins, creating quick priortization queues, and intiating resource swarms to tackle short-term productivity blockages are just some of the ways Jeff has helped companies show instant value while also focusing on the long-game strategy bringing organizations to the next level.

About Jeff

Senior technology executive with over 15 years experience in Agile PMO development, team leadership, product-oriented process improvement, cross-function partnership as well as revenue-focused digital solution planning and execution. Jeff has worked with several industries and organization sizes to augment strategies, execute on many digital platforms while building energized, collaborative teams. Download Resume / CV

Strategic vision

Defining approach and next steps

Cross-function adoption

Influencing organizational understanding

Organization quick wins

Demonstrating immediate value